Types of event in angular

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In Angular, there are various types of events that can be used for event binding. These events correspond to user interactions or specific actions occurring in the application. Here are some commonly used event types in Angular:

  1. Click event: Triggers when a clickable element, such as a button or a link, is clicked. Example: (click)="handleClick()"
  2. Input event: Fires when the value of an input element changes. Example: (input)="handleInput($event)"
  3. Keydown event: Occurs when a key on the keyboard is pressed down. Example: (keydown)="handleKeyDown($event)"
  4. Keyup event: Triggers when a key on the keyboard is released. Example: (keyup)="handleKeyUp($event)"
  5. Mouseenter event: Fires when the mouse pointer enters the boundary of an element. Example: (mouseenter)="handleMouseEnter()"
  6. Mouseleave event: Occurs when the mouse pointer leaves the boundary of an element. Example: (mouseleave)="handleMouseLeave()"
  7. Submit event: Triggers when a form is submitted. Example: (submit)="handleSubmit()"
  8. Change event: Fires when the value of a form control, such as a select dropdown or radio button, changes. Example: (change)="handleChange($event)"
  9. Focus event: Occurs when an element receives focus. Example: (focus)="handleFocus()"
  10. Blur event: Triggers when an element loses focus. Example: (blur)="handleBlur()"

These are just a few examples of event types that can be used in Angular. Each event corresponds to a specific user interaction or action and can be bound to a method in the component to handle the event and perform the desired logic.

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